Hello, curious person. Browse around my portfolio. Or Don't. Whatever.

Web Stuff.

Most of what I do is web-based. HTML5 / CSS3. A few jQuery things when I feel like showing off. None of that back end coding though, I prefer not to rip my own hair out of its socket. You'll see the concentration of my work is usually type- and grid-centric. If you've heard of the Swiss design — or modernism in general — that is where I take my design principles from. It may have applied to print exclusevly than, but it applies to web as well.

Non-Web Stuff.

Like most web/UI designers, I'm never above getting back to the CMYK roots. Type can be made into some incredibly cool things on paper or identities. Granted I find it a little more limiting due to the fact that it can't manipulate itself to whatever surface/device it's on, you can still do so[ooooo] much with mere letters on paper. A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but the 1,000 words seem so much more satisfying.

The Basics, Though.

I'm Derek Mohr, a web designer out of Grand Rapids, MI.

I built this website by [figurative] hand in HTML5, then slowly converted it to PHP to save on all the copy & pasting that goes into maintaining a static HTML site.